Chazown baby!!


This Wednesday at Newburgh UMC, we are beginning an exciting process.  133 people are signed up to join us as we discover our individual Chazowns.  I cannot tell yo how excited I am about this process.  Not just because of the process…but because this process is just the first step of a much larger process.

There are so many people who have no idea what God created them for…and many of them are serving the Church…but serving in the wrong areas.  This experience is geared to change all that.  We will be answering the question that everyone is asking whether they realize it of not: What am I here for?

If you haven’t yet signed up…you can come anyway and sign up by clicking this link…we will make room for you specifically.  We want you to experience the joy of knowing what God created you for and why you are here and we want the Kingdom of God to be blessed by your Chazown.

Just think about how cool your life would be if you were living the life God intended you to live.

Chazown begins this Wednesday at 6pm in the fellowship hall of Newburgh UMC.


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