5 Things I Would Do…If I Knew I Would Live Through It

ImageNot sure why…but I thought I would share my top 5 dream vacations.

5 – Alaska Grizzly Bear Hunt – How cool would it be to hunt something that just may be hunting you at same time?  I could probably throw in a lion hunt here…but the idea of hunting in the wild of Alaska is more appealing to me.  Plus…I heard bear tastes yummy!

4 – The Moon – Very few people have ever been there…and I want to be one of them.  Not sure how safe it is to go to space with a private company.  Then again…I’m not so sure doing it within the Government program would have been any better.  Nothing like flying into space in a ship built by the lowest bidders. 

3 – Bear Grylls – The dude is my hero.  Okay…maybe that is a stretch, but I would love the chance to go on one of his expeditions.  I am thinking Africa or Siberia.  They sound like fun.  Maybe I should start getting ready now by eating a grub or two.

2 – Supersonic Freefall – Felix Baumgartner.  I still think the dude is nuts…but…with a guarantee that I would make it, this would be the ultimate thrill.  Not sure I could take that little step off the platform though.

1 – Shark Cage – This has been a dream of mine for years.  I want to jump into a shark cage and watch some Great Whites feed around me.  Honestly…if I KNEW I would not die or lose any body parts…forget the cage!  Let’s just jump in, grab a fin, and take a ride!  Talk about an adrenaline rush!  I get a feeling, however, that my wife will not let me do this until she is ready for the insurance money.

So…there they are.  What would you do if you knew you would survive?


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