5 Bible Stories That Connect With Me…And Why

ImageWe all have those stories that jump out at us from Scripture.  Those stories that speak to us in a different way.  They connect with us (sometimes for crazy reasons…but they do).  These are 3 Bible stories that connect with me.

1 – Moses Argues With God (Exodus 3 & 4) – God appears to Moses in the form of a burning bush.  Crazy huh?  I think if this happened to me, I would do one of two things: 1. run away in utter terror, 2. make sure no one put drugs in my brownie.  Fortunately…Moses is more level-headed than I would have been.  He stayed and had a chat with God.  That chat is very powerful to me.  Moses begins asking a lot of questions.  I am not going to dig into those…but I am convinced that he was just trying to get out of doing what God was asking of him.  Maybe that is because his final rebuttal was: “Please, my Lord, just send someone else.”  I cannot tell you how many times I too have felt inadequate to accomplish the tasks that God places before me. I have had many conversations like Moses did (not with a cool burning bush or anything though).  I feel a special connection with Moses.  Maybe someday it will be because of the amazing things God did through both of us rather than the arguments we both had with God.

2 – Abram picked up and left (Genesis 12:1-4) – Okay…this story is nuts too.  God appears to Abram and says: “Hey dude…I have a great idea.  I am going to make you into a father of many nations.  But…I need you to leave your land, your family, and everything else.  That is it.  I can’t really tell you where you are going or when you will get there or even how you will get there.  Just go.”  I know…craziness!  But what gets me the most is verse 4: “Abram left just as the Lord told him…”  Yeah……I don’t think that is how I would respond.  Remember, I just said I connected with Moses’ argument with God.  I would argue.  Abram just went.  No questions asked…no argument…no debate.  He just left for an unknown place to be revealed at an unknown time in an unknown way.  That is faith my friend.

3 – Dead man walking (John 11) – Jesus did many amazing miracles but this one takes the cake.  Lazarus was dead long enough to be stinky and Jesus raised the dude from the dead.  Pretty impressive stuff.  But what is super impressive is that this was a glimpse of what Jesus was going to do for all of us.  AND…this is what really got the wheels spinning on the plot to kill Jesus.  It is a pivotal moment in the Gospel narrative.  An important moment in history.  A critical time in the story of our redemption.  I love the story because it paints a larger picture than just that story.  It paints my story…and yours.

Those are 3 of my favorite passages.  What are yours?


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