Identity Crisis

ImageI am really looking forward to Palm Sunday this year.  For starters, I get to preach which is always exciting to me.  Secondly, this year we are being intentional about not just focusing on the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.

Palm Sunday is always interesting to me because it is like an identity crisis day.  Jesus comes into town riding on a donkey and people celebrate his arrival.  This was the guy who was going to save them.  Jesus was going to be the guy who would bring about a new age.  They were right…they just thought it would all happen differently than it did.  They thought one thing and Jesus knew another.

You see…as I read through that story…I am convinced that Jesus is the only one who knew who He really was.  There was no identity crisis for Him.  It was all on our part.  Then again, I think we struggle with and identity crisis on a regular basis.

Every morning we look in the mirror and we see ourselves through our eyes.  Worldly eyes.  Eyes that are influenced by the media, our peers, our family, our enemies, the neighbor who you have had a feud with for years, and anyone else you come across.  We see ourselves through these worldly influenced eyes and we begin to believe the things we see.  The problem is…what we see is often not who we really are.

Colossians 3:13 says:

For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.

This, I believe, is a whole new perspective!  Our life is hidden with Christ in God.  So, Christ does something to us and in us and through us.  We look different.  We are not the person we see through those worldly eyes anymore.  We are a new creation.  We are change.  We are transformed.  We are……different.

This is the whole premise behind our upcoming series called #SeeMySelfie.  As people continually take selfies to project the best possible image of themselves to the world, we began to ask…what if that “best” image isn’t good enough.  What if the best is yet to come?  What if…through Christ…the best image of who you are can’t be captured in a selfie?  What if who you are is better than anything you could imagine?

I cannot wait for this series!  I am so pumped to think about all the people in Newburgh who need to hear these messages and the potential for radical life transformation. 

I encourage you to invite everyone you know!  This is going to be a good series…and a fun one too!  We are even going to have a #SeeMySelfie booth every Sunday where you can take fun selfies and share them with the world.

In fact, you can take selfies now!  We want to use your selfies throughout our series.  Just take a selfie and post it to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram using the hashtag #SeeMySelfie and tag @newburghumc.  You just might find your selfie used in some fashion throughout the series.  Don’t worry though…every selfie we use will be used in a positive way.

Get out those smartphones…take some selfies…let us see them!  Be creative and have some fun with it!

Happy selfying! (is that a word?)

P.S.  Here is a selfie of me and one of my Journey Group friends to get the ball rolling!


Yes…in case you were wondering…we really are that cool!


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