Dude…You Know It’s 2am Right?

Is-God-TrustworthyIt was 2am.  Melissa and I had been married for a couple months at this point.  The phone rings.  In case you missed it…it was 2 o’clock in the morning!  You know what happens next.  You jump out of bed and run to the phone because, even though you are not fully awake yet, you assume that something is wrong.  I mean, seriously, who in the world calls at 2 o’clock in the morning?

So…bounding out of bed and into the living room, I grab the phone and say “hello?”  I have to say, I was a bit surprised.  On the other end of that call was an old high school buddy.  I had not talked to him in something like 2 years.

Do you know what he wanted?  Well…he was in Brooklyn, NewYork where he lived trying to find his way back to his apartment.  He was a little intoxicated and was a bit disoriented.  I have never been in that situation but I imagine it can be difficult to remember how to get home from the bar under those circumstances.  So…at 2am…I jumped on the computer, accessed mapquest and did my best to guide him home.  A very odd phone call to say the least.

Let’s fast forward to last year.  At this point I had only talked to this friend once since the 2am wild goose chase 6 years before.  I am driving down the road and my phone rings.  Yes…you are correct.  It was him again.  He needed help breaking free from some issues that he was facing.  We talked for some time and I did all I could from 4 hours away to help him along the way.

For some reason, in times of need, this dude thought of me.  At 2am from 5,000 miles apart, he called me.  When life seemed to be crashing down around him, he called me.  I thought a lot about that and it struck me.  If my world was crashing down around me…he is on my short list (very short list) of people I would call.  We have not seen one another for many years and we have barely spoken to one another during that time.  Yet…there is a bond there that overcomes years of absence.  Very simply…we are friends.  I am talking about the kind of friends found in Proverbs 17:17:

“Friends love all the time, and kinsfolk are born for times of trouble”

Am I the best friend to him.  NO!  In case you missed it, I have been pretty much absent from his life for years!  But he called me and it was a touching thing to know that he thought highly enough of me to give me a call.

We often paint a picture of what we think a friend has to look like. We often deceive ourselves and think that a friend has to be in your general vicinity.  The truth of the matter is, a true friendship is something that surpasses time and distance.  Why?  Because…friends love all the time…and they are born for times of trouble.

Think about it.  Who would you call if your world was crashing down around you?  Who do you know that is that kind of friend in your life?  And, on the flip side, who would call you?


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