Top 3 Things That Scare Me


Halloween is this week…so I thought I would get into the spirit (get it?  Spirit?  Okay…bad pun).  I have spent plenty of time striking fear into the hearts and minds of my kids so I thought it was only fair that I shared with the world what my fears are.  At least 3 of them…

3 – Mice.  It isn’t so much that I am “afraid” of them as it is that when they are around…I often find myself standing on a chair.  In fact…once…while I was a night security guard at a steel mill…I saw a mouse and found myself on top of the desk.  Here I am, the tough protector of the entire factory…and a mouse had me cornered.  I did not last long as a security guard.

2 – Cleaning out the fridge.  Okay…maybe I am being a little “fast and loose” with the definition of fear here but I refuse to clean the fridge.  There is something about that old moldy food in the back of the fridge that gives me the heeby jeebies.  I will do many things to get out of doing that chore.  Ask my wife…she knows.

3 – Being Buried Alive.  It absolutely freaks me out!  Just the thought of it makes me a bit claustrophobic.  When I see people locked into tight spaces on TV I often find myself looking the other way.  It literally makes me begin to distance myself from other people and things to be sure I have plenty of space to breathe.  Want to bury me in the sand at the beach?  Prepare for a fight.  An actual fight.

Now…it is your turn.  What are you afraid of?


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