How Old Am I Anyway?

ImageI am 33.99178 years old.  No…not 34.  I am 33.99178 years old as of this writing.  And, in case you are wondering, I am not avoiding 34 for fear of getting older.  I am avoiding 34 because I feel like I have so much more to accomplish that I need every moment possible.

I know that I am not the only person to ever feel that way.  I am not kidding at all when I tell you that John Wesley wrote a sermon called, “On The Redeeming of Time”.  The sermon focused on how to sleep.  Okay…it was more detailed than that but it did focus on getting the right amount of sleep (not too much!) so that you would be well prepared to be most effective.  Sounds riveting huh?  I am sure that sermon put people to sleep (Haha.  See what did there?).

It does seem like life is speeding by and we are just spinning our wheels trying to keep up.  Maybe this is why I am so drawn to helping people find their God-Dream, that one thing that God has created you for.  I know time is fleeting and I would much rather spend my time excelling in what God created me for rather than being mediocre at what God created you for.

You have your role and I have mine.  Imagine a Church where we all embraced our role!  Imagine how the Kingdom of God would explode!  Imagine how your life would change.  God has amazing plans and I truly believe it is our job to discover what His plans for us are…embrace them…live into them…and be blown away at what God will do in us and through us.


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