God’s Will is Weird

ImageHave you ever noticed how often God’s will for your life is…well…strange?  It isn’t that I don’t trust Him (okay…maybe at times I don’t).  It isn’t that I think He is wrong (okay…maybe I am that arrogant at times).  It is just that what He calls us to is often so far from what we expect.  So…we call it weird.

I feel like my life has been riddled with “weird callings”.  Just when I think my ministry and my journey is going to be normal (whatever that means)…God throws in a curveball.  

I have this really annoying habit of constantly asking, “Why am I here right now?  What is the purpose of this season in my life and ministry?”  They aren’t bad questions.  In fact, I think they are critical questions that we all should be asking.  The problem is, the answers are often weird because they don’t match up with what we expected…at all!

Right now, there are two things that God is answering my questions with (I think).  Neither of them were even on my radar 6 months ago.  But…in His infinite wisdom…they are now.  Here is the weird part:  I feel completely and totally inadequate for both of them.  I have no idea why God would place these two things in my path at this point in my life.  It is just weird.  I could name dozens of people who are more adequately prepared for these two journeys.  But…God seems to be calling me…and affirming that call.

So…weirdness, here I come!  Let’s see where this will take us.

Have you ever received “weird” calls from God?


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