5 Reasons God Needs Me


Yeah…it’s true.  God needs me…and here is how:

1 – God needs me to let go.  I often think it is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Dream) party.  It isn’t.  God supplies the dream.  I am just asked to show up.  But…inevitably…I show up with my own ideas and my own dreams.  This causes conflict.

2 – God needs me to get over myself.  Yeah…sometimes…I think too highly of myself.  I think that because God has given me some cool gifts…I am a pretty cool guy.  The truth is…I am no better than the next guy or girl.  We are all on the same team and we are all equally important.

3 – God needs me to get up.  At what point in my life did I start to believe that God was justgoing to do things…without me putting in some sort of effort?  God called Abram to get up and move.  He told Nehemiah to get up and build.  He told Noah to get up and build a boat. He told the Disciples to get up and “go”.  What makes me think that I am any different?  If those guys had to get up…my guess is I need to get up too.

4 – God needs me to be me.  The flip side of thinking too highly of myself is thinking I have to be someone else.  Sometimes I think that I am not good enough so I have to act like someone I am not.  This never works.  As soon as I can figure out how to just be myself…I can figure out who God made me to be.

5 – God needs me to embrace failure.  Yeah…this one sucks.  No one “likes” failure.  Some people just deal with it better than others.  I think that failure is necessary when it comes to life with God.  He calls us into some interesting situations and challenging missions. Sometimes…failure happens and that is okay.  God measures significance…not worldly success.  Sometimes the greatest significance you can have is found in failure.

So…there you have it.  Proof that God needs me.  

How does God need you?


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