The Influence of a Leader

trial-of-jesus.ashxI am in the middle of preparing for a message this weekend at The Movie Theater Church in Indianapolis (okay…maybe I am at the beginning of my prep rather than the middle).  They are in the middle of a series called “The Easter Puzzle” where they look at various pieces of the Easter story.  My assignment:  Caiaphas.

This is the guy who was the high priest.  He was, for simplicity sake, the guy who ran the show.  And run it he did.  He led the plot to kill Jesus…and presided over the Jewish trial of Jesus that led to His death.  I think the thing for me that bothers me so much about this story is found in who Caiaphas was.  He was the leader.  He was the respected one everyone looked up to.  It was expected of the high priest that he would be holier than everyone else.  In fact, Leviticus 4 tells us that when the high priest sins…it is the same as as the entire congregation (or nation) sinning.  This is a big deal.

I think we can draw the conclusion that when Caiaphas did what he did…and led to Christ’s death…it was like the entire nation doing it.  It kind of magnifies the significance of leadership doesn’t it?  The actions of one man not only led to the death of Jesus…but also led an entire nation down this path.

As a leader…it becomes a bit nerve-racking.  What we do as leaders impacts a whole lot of people.  More people than we realize.

Have you ever thought about the impact of your leadership?  How does that change how you lead?


3 thoughts on “The Influence of a Leader

  1. As another type of leader, a mom, what I say and do is aborbed by my toddler. Reacting negatively in situations can give her a negative view of Jesus one day. So yes…huge impact!

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