My Sanctuary is not at church


Cheryl Kendall, The Grove’s Ministry Assistant, told us about her sanctuary.  It is not at church.  Her sanctuary takes place at home when she is able to place her cell phone in a drawer (otherwise she will pick it up) and crank up some worship music.  It really serves as a time in which she is able to decompress and connect with God in a new and fresh way.

We all need some time…and a place…to disconnect a little bit from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with God.  After hearing Cheryl talk about hers…I began to think about my own.  Mine is in my car…at night…after a drive.

For instance…when I pull into a parking lot late in the evening and shut off the engine, I find a strange peace and calm.  It really is hard to explain.  All I know is that there is a peaceful quiet when you do that and then just sit back in your seat and relax.  A moment before the engine was humming and the radio was probably blaring.  

I guess it is the contrast between the noise and the quiet that creates this escape for me.  It is much like life.  Our lives are often filled with noise and chaos…but we must find a way to shut it all off and relax in the quiet.

My sanctuary is in the car after a drive.  Where is yours?


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