Why? – A Connecticut School Shooting

ImageIt has been a rough day.  This morning our nation was shocked at the news of another school shooting.  This one though…seems to hit a little harder.  Maybe it was the number of people who were victims of this horrible act.  Maybe it was the fact that they were Kindergarten students.  The reality:  It is both.  

For days…weeks…even months…the big question of “why” will come up.  Some will be out of anger, some out of curiosity, and some out of complete confusion.  Right now…what people need is not answers…but God.  

It may not be a popular thought…but I do not believe now is the time to debate the existence of God.  Now is a time to seek God and love others.  Will that be difficult for some?  Absolutely.  More difficult than I could ever imagine.  I mean let’s face it…these families affected are dealing with a tragedy unlike any most of us have ever experienced.  

I know that I will field the question more than once in the coming days of…”why would God allow this to happen?”  I have my theological answers.  I have my Biblical response.  But right now…with the rest of the nation…I am in a bit of disbelief.

I did not write this to provide the world answers.  The reality is any answer I give right now will not provide much comfort.  But…I did hear some critical words about one week ago that I think helps us in a time like this.  I don’t know for sure who said it…just that it was not me.  Those words were:

Don’t doubt in the dark what God has told you in the light.

I know that God has proved Himself to me many times throughout my life.  No matter what happens…that does not change.  He has proved Himself time and time again.  It may get dark at times.  I may have questions at times.  But…God is still God and just because it is dark at a time like this does not mean that has changed.

I may not have an answer that brings any peace to you today.  But…God has proved Himself…and even though this despicable act occurred…that has not changed.

May God bless and comfort all those involved and may His grace abound.

Grieving the tragedy,

Tony Johnson


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