My Thoughts on “Sandy” and a Marathon

ImageSo Sandy slammed the east coast.  If you didn’t know that…you have been quite isolated over the past few days.  Right now, the east coast is dealing with cleanup.  They are dealing with millions of people without power.  They are dealing with the loss of life.  They are dealing with gas shortages.  They are dealing with looting.

Yet…this Sunday, the New York City Marathon will go on as scheduled.  I have to admit…I don’t give a rip about the marathon.  It does not interest me in the slightest.  What does interest me is the fact that they are moving forward with the marathon.  They are actually going to run a race while people are hurting.  They are going to fire up a couple huge generators that could be used to power 400 homes so they can run this marathon.

Now…let’s be fair…I know that there is a ton of money that flows into that town because of this race.  But, can’t we just postpone it?  Can’t we take all the volunteers, generators, and other resources to help people who are crying out for help?

I actually just heard a response from someone who equated the dreams of someone who wants to run the marathon to the needs of those affected by Sandy.  Those are not equal things.  Not even close.  There are people who do not have the basic needs in their lives.  There are business owners spending 24/7 in front of their stores to keep them from being looted.  There are mothers who are grieving the loss of their children.  There are people simply trying to stay warm tonight.

Why is it hard to postpone the race?  Well…it takes so much of the city’s resources to run the race…it become difficult to reschedule.  It seems to me…that is a great reason not to have the race.  Divert those resources to those in need.

By the way…in order to not show favoritism…I also think the football game for this Sunday should be moved to a different location.


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