Top 33 Lessons In 33 Years

Ever inspire yourself?  I inspired myself by yesterday’s post to lay out the 33 things I have learned over the last 33 years of my life.  So…in honor of my now being 33…here they are…in no particular order:

1 – Love is more important than money…and everything else in life.

2 – Having kids is stressful.

3 – having kids is the coolest thing ever.

4 – My wife is better than me…no matter how much I tell myself otherwise.

5 – I don’t deserve a fraction of what I have.

6 – Pegging my pant-legs in the 80’s was not fashionable.

7 – I should have, like, paid more attention in, like, English class.

8 – Your true love is rarely ever found in 5th grade.

9 – She is rarely found in 6th, 8th, 10th, or 11th grade either.

10 – Honesty truly is the best policy.

11 – A messy house is a sign of happy kids…and lazy parents.

12 – Old cars are better than new…they have character.

13 – Don’t tell God no…He will rub it in your face later.

14 – Money is not the root of evil…loving it is.

15 – Generosity is critical to my relationship with God.

16 – There are more followers in this world than leaders.

17 – Being married does not make you a husband…loving her does.

18 – When you have kids your birthday really doesn’t mean much anymore.

19 – To a 5 year old…33 is really old.

20 – To a 55 year old…33 is really young.

21 – I like to hang out with 55 year olds.

22 – My parents taught me a lot…without saying a word.

23 – Kids will repeat everything…EVERYTHING!

24 – My daughter will be smarter than me when she is 10.

25 – Okay…she may be smarter than me now.

26 – God has huge plans for me…but I keep getting in the way.

27 – Jesus died for me when I did not deserve it…and I still don’t.

28 – Knowing who God is…is very different than knowing God.

29 – I hate changing diapers.

30 – Without my wife…my diet would consist of PB&J and popcorn.

31 – I never know myself better than when I put others first.

32 – It is hard to think of 33 things I learned.

33 – I need to pay more attention…and learn more.



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