Another Day…Another Year…So What Now?

So…it’s my birthday today.  I am 33 years old!  I know that depending on your age that may sound young…or it may sound old.  Regardless, I am 33 years old.  That is getting ever so close to being twice the age of a High School Senior.  I look back at my life today…and here is what I learn:

1 – Life is harder now than it was when I was younger…but I wouldn’t go back for anything.  The responsibilities are greater…the stress is more significant…and my metabolism is not what it used to be (just ask my belt).  However, when I was young I thought I was in charge and I called the shots.  Now that I am older and a bit wiser I am fully aware that God is calling the shots and no matter how stressful times may get I find great peace in knowing that God is in the driver’s seat in my life.  Now…to teach the kids that.

2 – I’m not good at everything…and that’s okay.  Much like #1, I have grown to the point that I understand that I am not good at everything (in fact…I am not good at most things).  But throughout the process of learning that I am not good at everything, I know that God has made me very good at a ver select number of things…and He has done so for a reason.  At 33, I find great freedom in saying, “I am good at very little…and that is OK!”

3 – Life is better with people in it.  I always thought I could do life alone.  That is not true at all!  I need people in my life.  I have a wonderful wife and perfect little children.  I have a CommUnity Group that I know would be by my side in the dark places of life.  I have friends that I go out with on Tuesday nights to play trivia with.  When I try to picture my life without these great people…all I see is a wrecked and broken mess.  Relationships make me whole.  I know that now.

4 – My life is not about me…as much as it is about what I leave behind.  I have two kids who adore me.  They truly do!  I had no idea how to be a parent when my daughter came along so I decided that I was just going to have fun and love the snot out of those little boogers.  Shockingly…it works!  They love their dad not because of what I buy them or how cool I am…but because I first loved them with everything that I am.  I am forming these little ones into a man and woman.  Who they become will be a reflection of who I am.  I am leaving a legacy.  My life is no longer about me (as if it ever was right?)…it is about the impact I have on them…and, in turn…the world.

How old are you?  And…what have you learned over the years?


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