Over the past year, The Grove has been extremely blessed to have the great Worship Leading of Brock Moreau.  Brock is a great man of God who has dedicated his life to honoring God with music and ushering others into a worship experience with God.

Yesterday was Brock’s final Sunday with us at The Grove.  Everyone experiences seasons in their life…and ministry is no different.  While we know that Brock’s season at The Grove has come to a conclusion, we also know that God will continue to use Brock in powerful ways.

I just wanted to take a moment to introduce you to Brock by sending you to his website.  Click here and check out some of his music.  I encourage you to do so…because at some point…I think you will hear of Brock Moreau again.

To Brock…thank you so very much for your heart…your commitment…and your time at The Grove.  Your time as our Worship Leader may have come to a close…but the friendship we have built will continue.  You rock man!  Oh…and by the way…wherever God takes you in the future…DON’T SUCK.  😉


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