Paterno…Sex Scandals…And Leadership

So the Freeh report is out.  This is the report from the former FBI agent who investigated for months the Jerry Sandusky molestation case and the coverup at Penn State.

I have to be honest with you…I am a little shocked.  I mean…I know that no one’s hands were completely clean in this, but I guess I just held out some hope.  That hope was dashed when the report emphasizes that Joe Paterno knew about it all along and actively covered it all up.

I think what he did was nearly as despicable as what Jerry Sandusky did.  In order to keep the football program where he wanted it…he allowed a number of young boys to be harmed for…well…the rest of their life.  Why is what he did nearly as despicable?  Because if anyone could have put a stop to it…it was Joe Paterno.

Leadership comes with responsibility.  It comes with the responsibility over, not just your team, but everyone your team impacts.  And…that includes these young boys.

Here is a blurb from an article on the issue:

Paterno was one of those leaders. In many ways, he was the leader of Penn State, both symbolically and in terms of real-time power. Asked if Paterno had the ability to stop a “culture of concealment,” Freeh said, “I think it’s a very strong and reasonable inference that he could have done so if he wished.”

If you are a leader…you have responsibility.  It does not matter how uncomfortable or difficult it may be.  I think Joe had his priorities all out of whack.  I think…somewhere along the line…winning became more important than the lives of these young boys.  And when our big picture view of our leadership gets out of whack…we fail to lead.  And when we fail to lead well…we fail to leave a legacy that brings value.

I am rambling now.




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