Plenty of fish in the…lake

We have been in Wisconsin all week this week at a family reunion of sorts with Melissa’s family.  We have had a great time…and have been shown some amazing Wisconsin style hospitality.

Yesterday that hospitality showed up in the form of a fishing charter trip on Lake Michigan. We fished for hours and everyone caught a fish…except for my wife.  I could tell she really wanted to reel one in…but luck just was not on her side.  She was next up as we were on our way in…and the guide was reeling in all the lures.

Just as it looked as though she would catch nothing…FISH ON!  Melissa grabbed the rod and started fighting that King Salmon.  It was quite a battle.  Probably about 30 minutes of fighting this fish.  As I helped her hold it steady while she reeled and fought…we were both exhausted.  But in the end…she caught that sucker!  I was so proud of her!

There may be plenty of fish in the lake…but now there is one less.

Good job babe!


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