Magic Mike…An Appeal For Sex?

I am sure you have heard of the new movie coming out called Magic Mike.  It is a movie about male strippers.  I am sure there are other story lines in there…but it is a movie about male strippers.

Women all over the place are chomping at the bit to go to this flick.  I just saw a promo for this movie.  During the promo these words came across the screen: “You’ll wish you were single!”

First of all…I have been single…and there is nothing that would make me want to go back to being single versus what I have now in my wife.  Secondly, this is just a simple statement about temptation.  It really does not matter what the other story lines are…the push of this movie…and the reason it will make a lot of money…is that it feeds on a primal temptation to most of us.  Sexuality.  Now, to be fair, while this movie is appealing to this part of women’s temptation…most other movies do this for guys (it seems like every movie anymore throws in the sexuality thing that appeals to dudes).

I believe it is a major part of our culture.  Male or female, gay or straight, sex is a HUGE temptation!  It is a temptation that will drive box office revenue.  It is a temptation that businesses are built upon.  It is a temptation that we easily fall victim to.  Need more evidence of this?  What is the most popular and well-known book out there right now?  50 Shades of Grey?  A book about…well…sex (Again…I am sure there are other story lines there…but its about sex).  Need more proof?  Because of the title and subject matter of this post…it will be the most read post on this blog (but time will tell on that one).

It is such a strong temptation that it makes us “wish we were single”.  It made me think a little bit…as I see this part of our culture expose itself.  What temptations in my life draws me in like this?  What temptation is it that makes me say, “I wish I was ______”

How about you?


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