The Storm Before The Calm

For the Johnson family…it is that time of year again.  It is time to start getting ready for vacation.  This year…we have 2 weeks in a row!  We will first be traveling to Wisconsin to hang out with Melissa’s family for a week.  It is the first time everyone has been together in…well…quite some time.  It will be a great time, especially for the kids who get to hang out with their cousins that they never get to see.

However, it is the second week that I am looking forward to.  Please don’t hear that as me saying I am not looking forward to the “family reunion” week…because I am not.  But week two is something special.  We are heading to Michigan for a week of camping.  Just the four of us…hanging out at that beach, cooking over the open fire, and hiking on the sand dunes.  I grew up on they campground.  We used to go every year as I grew up.  My parents even talk about how they had to walk me around the campground at night to get me to fall asleep when I was a baby.  There are a lot of memories there…and now I get to share them all with my kids.  I love it.

But…there is one thing about the Warren Dunes that draws me back every year.  It’s not the beach.  It’s not the clean campground.  It’s not the fact that as soon as you pull into the campground, you lose cell service (even though that rocks for a vacation).  What draws me in is the top of the hill just outside of the campground.  This is the tallest hill in the general vicinity.  But what is awesome is the view.  You can see the dunes…Lake Michigan…and even lights from Gary/Chicago.  Yet…the best part is that is where I feel the presence of God.  No matter what is going on in my life…no matter what stresses I am dealing with…or how I am feeling…when I am on top of that hill in the silence of sunrise or sunset…I feel God there.

I think we all have a place like that.  Mine is on top of a hill a state away.  Where is yours?  Where do you find the presence of God?


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