I can’t help but shake the story of Eve this morning.  We all know that she ate the fruit that she was not supposed to eat but there was a deeper issue in it all.  Eve was tempted to believe that she could be like God…and let’s be honest…that sounds pretty cool.  But even still…I think there was something else going on.

You see…the serpent was able to change Eve’s perception.  She perceived the fruit to be good…and beneficial to her.  The problem was that God had already told her that if she ate it she would die.  So she faced a dilemma in her life.  She could believe in the Truth that God spoke to her…or she could believe that her perception of reality was more accurate than God’s Truth.  Eve chose her own perception…and the rest…well…it is history…and it is our current predicament.

I think we all struggle with what Eve struggled with.  Our perceptions of reality scream awfully loud and we are constantly tempted to allow our perceptions to override God’s Truth.  This problem strikes us all…even you.  Where in your life are you allowing your perception of reality to override God’s Truth for your life?



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