1 in 175,711,536?

So…I just watched something about the current MegaMillions jackpot that has reached an astronomical $540 million.  That is a lot of candy bars right there!

A comment was made during the segment that said with the jackpot climbing so high, your odds of winning has now climbed to 1:175,711,536.  Wait a minute!  Your odds don’t change at all.  It doesn’t matter if there are 40 people playing or 40 million people playing.  Your odds of picking the right numbers remains the same.  You are not in competition with the other people.  You are in competition with the moving air that pushes the little balls through the machine and out the tube.

It is amazing to me that so many people run out to get a ticket because they believe they have a shot at beating the odds.  There must be something about the big gamble that humans enjoy.  But…what blows my mind even more is that there are millions of people gambling right now with their lives.  They have decided not to know Christ.  They have put off making a decision for Christ so they can have a little fun (as if a relationship with Jesus isn’t fun).  This is a big gamble too.  Especially considering the odds of one being forgiven and saved if they repent and ask Christ to forgive them is right around 1:1.

I am not a gambler…but even if I were…I am not really one to take the 1 in 175 million shot.  I am just not that lucky anyway.  I stand a better chance at racing my daughter up the stairs…then again…I lose that all the time too.  But…I’ll take the sure thing every day…and I do.

What about you?


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