The 82%


The 99% have been in the news for quite some time now.  Occupy Wall Street.  That is the catchy name they have.  The whole story is intriguing.  The groundswell that is the movement.  The passion of those involved.  The noise that they have made.  I am not overly concerned with the 99%.  I am more concerned with the 82%.

The 82% is a group that never forms a picket line.  They don’t occupy anything other than your office, your neighborhood, and your home.  You wouldn’t really know it.  They don’t speak up.  They don’t even acknowledge that that are a part of the 82%.  They simply live their lives…silently wondering if they will always be a part of the 82%.  Because the reality is…they don’t want to be in that group.  They may not realize it…but they want out.

Odds are…you were in their shoes at one time.  In fact, you may still be a part of the 82%.  The Grove is committed to reaching out to anyone who is in the 82%.  Maybe that is you….maybe there is someone in your home, your neighborhood, or your office that is in the 82%.

At The Grove…we are committed to changing the world.  And the biggest impact we can have is to impact the 82%.  I am so excited for Sunday.  Because on Sunday…we begin to address the silent issue of the 82%.  Join us…and see how the 82% impacts you…and more importantly…how you can impact the 82%.


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