Help Us Change the World

This Christmas, The Grove is doing something to change the world.  In my previous post, I noted that we would be participating in Advent Conspiracy.  We are calling our Christmas Cause “Project H2O”.  This project is more than a simple missions offering.  This is a total effort by The Grove.  This is a 100% commitment to change the world…one drop at a time.

I am so excited about our partnership with Living Water and Incredible Pizza Company to make this happen.  Everyone is excited about the impact we could make on the world from our little spot on the map.  It costs approximately $5,000 to provide a well for clean drinking water.  I think we can raise enough money to put in two…maybe three…maybe a dozen wells that will save lives!

At The Grove, we are committed to changing the world.  We are committed to dreaming big and we are committed to being extravagantly generous.  No matter what happens in the future…lives will be blessed because people at The Grove reached out to impact the lives of others.


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