Advent Conspiracy – We will change the world!

The Grove will radically impact the world.  It really is that simple.  We serve a big God…and for that reason…we will have big dreams.

This holiday season we are doing something really cool.  We have created a partnership with Incredible Pizza Company in Greenwood Indiana to provide clean drinking water for the many people who are dying because of lack of access to clean water.  We are doing this through Living Water International.  Here are some of the details and a video to help you understand what Advent Conspiracy is all about.

  1. We will be taking financial gifts to this cause on our website.  100% of what comes in for this cause will go toward this cause.  This will be set up in a matter of days.
  2. We will be selling $10 game cards for Incredible Pizza Company.  The are valued at $10 and sell for $10…and 50% of the proceeds from the cards goes directly to the cause.  If you are going to buy them anyway…buy them from us and change the world.
  3. On December 22nd, we will be holding an event at Incredible Pizza Company.  Not only will you be able to donate to the cause at that time…but 15% of what comes through the doors that evening will go directly to the cause.

We are so excited about the opportunity we have to be a part of this great mission!  We will change the world!  And that is not negotiable.


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