58: Fast. Forward. The End of Poverty.

Last night my wife and I had the great opportunity of attending a screening of 58: which is a new movie/documentary about the global Church and the fight against extreme poverty.  The movie is great.  I shows the pain, the struggle, and the tragedy that is extreme poverty.  However, it also shows the hope.  It shows how lives are changing, how we are winning the fight against extreme poverty, and how we can be a part…in our lifetime…to end extreme poverty.

There were times tears began to build.  There were children who said, “Sometimes I go to bed hungry.  I am used to it.  But my little brothers and sisters cry loudly.”  As a father, this wrenches my heart.  No child should ever have to endure what some of these young children have to endure.  There are stories of hunger, stories of families stuck in slave-labor, sex trafficking, drugs, neglect…and hopelessness.

Of all the comments that tugged at my heart, there was one that caused anger, frustration, and deep sadness within me.  When asked the questions, “If you could ask God for one thing…what would you ask for?”  In response a child responded, “I have many desires.  I have many dreams.  But, I know that my dreams will not come true.  So, I want Him to make me not have dreams.”

Even as I type it, my eyes begin to tear up.  Are you kidding me!  No one in this entire world should ever get to the point of wishing that they could not dream.  As a father, there are many things that are negotiable…but my children will never be stopped from dreaming and, at the same time, I will do everything in my power to ensure that they will believe that those dreams can come true.  To see such a young child lose hope in their future saddens me like nothing else.

God has created each and every one of us to live a great life.  It is very sad that there are children in this world who have lost hope to the point of not wanting to dream.  However, maybe the most tragic thing of all is that many people in our own communities have convinced themselves of the same thing…and have stopped dreaming.  When we stop dreaming…we stop living.  And when we stop living…we stop being the people that God has created you to be.

If you want to learn more about 58: visit their website at www.live58.org.


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