Preview The Grove

The excitement is mounting exponential each and every day as we approach our first Preview Service for The Grove.  This Sunday at 10:30am at Maple Grove Elementary we will worship as a church for the first time.  The message is prepped, the Worship Team is ready to go, and God is about to do some awesome things at The Grove. You may be asking yourself:  What is a Preview Service? Allow me to answer that questions. A Preview Service is…

  1. The best way for you to see what The Grove is all about.  A Preview Service lets you experience The Grove and get a taste of what worship will be like on a weekly basis once we launch.
  2. A great way for you to discover how you can live into the life that God created you to live by being a part of one of our fun and important teams.
  3. A perfect opportunity to meet me and Brock Moreau (Worship Leader) in person if you have not done so already.
  4. Sort of a test run for The Grove.  While the worship will be of high quality and representative of what you can expect on a regular basis…it is a good chance for us at The Grove to hammer out some of the behind the scenes details and work out any bugs that may come up.
At The Grove, you can expect a quality worship experience and great experiences for your kids.  We are committed to helping you live into the life that God has created you to live.
So, if you want to live a life that is full of significance and have a positive impact on your community, your family, and your own life…The Grove is the place for you.  Are we the only church where you can do that?  Of course not…but we may be the place for you.
Give us a try!

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