Blessed to Forgive

This past weekend…I was blessed beyond belief.  As many of you know Brock Moreau and I had the opportunity to do three services in less than 24 hours across the state of Indiana.  We had a great time, met great people, and shared with them our great God.

We addressed the issues of forgiveness and how, as humans, it is our nature to allow our sinfulness and fallenness to convince us that we are not worthy of the love of Christ.  We do this in many different ways but many of us carry with us an overwhelming feeling in some area of our life that Christ wants nothing to do with us.  We stand off in the corner and watch as Jesus spends time with the “holy” and “righteous” ones.

At the end of the services, we offered everyone the opportunity to lay that burden down and receive the forgiveness that has been promised to them.  On Saturday evening we were in my home town and many people I know well were there…including family.  As I offered the forgiveness of Christ to each person who came to me, I was overwhelmed with the reality of what I was doing.  Then…my family approached and tears streamed down my cheeks.  I was offering the forgiveness of Jesus Christ to my mother…my father…my wife…and my kids.  What an awesome feeling it is to know that when I spoke the words, “In the name of Jesus Christ…you are forgiven” the people nearest and dearest to me were receiving the freedom that only Christ can offer.

My experience was only exemplified Sunday morning when we offered forgiveness to the Faithpoint congregation in Floyds Knobs, IN.  Individuals whom I had never met were coming to me in tears seeking the forgiveness of Christ in their life.  And I…a broken sinful man myself…was blessed to offer them the one thing that they truly needed.

What a blessing it is to be the pastor of The Grove.  What a blessing it is to know that Christ is offering to all that come the forgiveness and freedom that only Christ can offer.  I love my job…I love my church…but most of all…I love my God!


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