Right Kind Of Wrong

Have you ever noticed that Jesus seems to embrace the wrong people.  Well…at least they seem like the wrong people to us.  Let me just name a few.

1 – prostitute
2 – tax collector
3 – lepers
4 – Samaritans
5 – poor
6 – lame
7 – sick
8 – ceremonially unclean

It never ceases to amaze me that time and time again…Jesus hangs out with people that were outcasts, shunned, or forgotten about.  Not only does he hang out with the outcasts…but the religious leaders hated the fact that he spent time with these people.  As I see this happen in Scripture…I see a lot of similarities with the current Christian Church.  Too often we think that we, in the Church, are the “right” people.  It is as if we are the chosen ones that Jesus should be spending time with.  It is most evident in the fact that as local churches, we fail to reach out to those beyond our walls.  I mean…they are the wrong people right?  The problem comes in the fact that Jesus would disagree with that line of thinking.  My guess is…if Jesus sat down in most of our local churches…it would not be a great time.  There would be a lot of convicting and a lot of Jesus putting us in our place.  And…after that…Jesus would go hang out with the homeless, the mentally handicapped, and the people we simply ignore.



2 thoughts on “Right Kind Of Wrong

  1. Janis…thanks for your thoughts. Having the heart of Christ has a lot to do with simply being able to love those who are…well…unlovely. It is funny that we struggle so much loving those that we determine to be unlovely and push them away…when in reality…that is exactly what we deserved. But…that is not what Christ did. Instead of kicking us to the curb…He embraced us and loved us exactly where we are…for who we are.

    Janis…I know the struggle of tension that is found in taking that step into church attendance. In encourage you to take our 3 Month Challenge. We are talking about 24 hours of your life spread out over 12 weeks to see what God wants to do with your life. I think you will like The Grove…and find it to be a place where you will connect with The Grove and others who are striving to love like Christ loved.

    Thanks again for your comments! Loved it!

  2. Funny, I just watched Joyce Mayer this morning and she talked about the same! Why is this the second time I’m hearing this? This meaning how Jesus always welcomes the sick, poor, dirty, homeless or anyone who he felt needed him… I was ruining would I turn my back or not talk t or not wnt then even near me?? It’s sad, but when I was working probably nah definatley yes! Now that I’ve been diagnosed w/ MS, SICK, AND WAITING FIVE YEARS FOR DISABILITY, NO WAY! 😦 I have never felt so many different kinds of sadness as I have as I have in the last? 7 years that I’ve lived and raised my children, but I’ve seen and felt some of the things other people go through so I’d never look down on someone’s suffering!
    I’ve never been the one to go to church and I’m not sure if I will now, but I will say right now today I want to.
    Sorry I wrote a book not a comment, but a lot to say or write I guess.
    Have a good one:)

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