Why QBs Teach Husbands & Fathers A Lesson

What makes a good husband or father?  Okay…maybe this is easier: What makes a good Quarterback?  Okay…maybe that is not an easy questio

n to answer either.  There could be many things that will determine the success of an NFL QB.  However, when we look at some of the most famous QBs we see something that they all had in common.  They were all leaders of their team and decision makers on the field of play.  From Hall of Famers like Joe Montana, Dan Marino, and John Elway to modern day stars like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning…they

all have control of the offense.

This has become very clear in throughout the preseason this year as I watch Chad Henne of the Miami Dolphins improve.  For the past two seasons, Henne has not been allowed to change plays…and his performance was below average to say the least.  This year, however, he is the second best QB in the NFL preseason in passing yards (I know…it is only preseason.  I get that…but it is a good sign for Henne).  His completions percentage is great, he is making great decisions, and he is moving his team down the field.  The difference?  The new Offensive Coordinator lets him change the plays.  H
e now has free reign of the offense.

As I watch him play so much better this season…I notice that he simple seems to be more comfortable.  He is doing what he did for 4 years in High School and 4 years in College.  He is now the leader of the team!  No longer is the Offensive Coordinator the leader on the field…Chad Henne is.

I think that as husbands and fathers…we can learn a little something from Chad Henne and the many other successful QBs in the NFL.  For many of us, we simply live through life in a kind of controlled…uncomfortable existence.  We don’t feel like we have control over our offense.  We don’t feel like we have any opportunity to do anything different.  We just go to work, do our thing, come home, go to bed, and wake up in the morning to do it all over again.

What if it does not have to be that way?  What if, as a husband and father, we can be the leader that our family needs?  What if you are exactly the person to lead your family into the dreams that God has laid out for them?  What if all it takes is for you to become the leader that God wants you to be?

For lack of a better illustration, God has called us to move the offense down the field and score a touchdown.  He has asked us to lead our team and put us in position to win.  How do you do that?  Well…I think Chad Henne answered that question best when he said…

I think if we see a [defensive] look out there, Daboll said I have free reign to go ahead and get a new play. He wants to get us in the best plays, and it’s my job to do that.

I am a firm believer that parenting and spousing (yes…I created a new word) are personality driven.  There is no prescribed way to be a father or a husband.  You have to learn what that means based on your wife and kids.  Sure…there are some guidelines and basic principles to follow…but as for specifics…well…that is for you to figure out as the leader of your family.  God told you to lead them.  Now…it is your job to do exactly that.

So the question is…

As a husband and/or father…are you leading in order to “get the job done”?

Are you taking leadership and leading your team (family) in the way that is best for them to accomplish the goal of Christ?


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