Where the Wind Blows

At the Greenwood Freedom Festival this past weekend, our kids had the opportunity to sit in an actual military chopper.  It was quite awesome to see it up close and to let our kids sit in the pilot’s seat.  They played with the switches and the buttons…and of course…Canaan was drawn immediately to the triggers for the guns.

After checking it out…we got to watch it take off.  I am having trouble getting the video off of my phone.  When I do…I will post it so you can see (or hear) the intensity of the wind coming from the chopper as it left the area.  It lifted off…moved slightly overhead…and took off into the distance.  The wind coming from the chopper was intense.  Even after it left and was a way off, you could feel the moving air from the blades.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we, were like that?  When we worship…there is a movement of the Spirit.  If you worship well…you can feel the Spirit moving.  What if we felt the movement of the Spirit so much that, even after we left worship…the Spirit was still moving?  What if we worshipped in a way that created a continually movement of the Spirit in our lives that the movement was felt long after worship had passed?  Imagine the impact the Church would have then.


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