I was leaving for my final ordination retreat a few weeks ago when my daughter asked my wife when daddy was going to be “dained”.  Close enough.  I think here innocent question was really hitting at a bigger issue.  When will daddy be done going to all these things?  The answer:  now!

This past Saturday, I was ordained by Bishop Coyner in the Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church.  What an honor it is to have the affirmation of God given through the Church like that.  I am deeply humbled and honored to have been chosen by God to do what I am doing and to be a part of the Church as I am.  However, on a less spiritual level, one of my deepest honors on Saturday came when I received my second stole.

Upon ordination you receive a stole made just for you.  We all got one…but I had the pleasure of receiving a stole from a retiring clergy as a symbolic gesture of the passing of the mantle from generation to generation.  Of course, I had to give the stole back so they can use it next year.

I was so honored to represent all my friends and colleagues (20 in total) who were ordained along with me.  It is a great group of faithful followers of Christ and I never imagine that I would be representing them.  I hope I did a respectable job in honoring them.  I hope my career does a respectable job at honoring the men and women who retire this year and went before us in ministry.  I hope my life does a respectable job at honoring the name of Jesus Christ.

I hope many things…and I am blessed in man


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