Storm Shelter…Sort Of

This past week, I travelled to my final retreat for the ordination process before my ordination in 2 weeks.  And…as it always seems to happen when I leave Melissa and the kids at home…major storms rolled through.  In fact, the weather patterns that were present on Wednesday were identical to the weather patterns on Palm Sunday in 1965 (which was the deadliest tornado outbreak in Indiana history) as well as the Super Outbreak in 1974 (which was the largest outbreak until April 25-28 of this year).  With storm systems like that matching what Wednesdays weather patterns were doing…there were some nervous people around.  None moreso than…me.

You see…I worry about my family.  I hate leaving them.  And, I really hate leaving them when major storms roll through because Melissa is terrified of storm

s…and the kids will feed off of her fear.  By lunch, Melissa had a self-made bunker built in the downstairs bathroom (storms were not coming until evening).  I had NO cell phone service since we were retreating to the middle of nowhere.  The only communication I had at the time was through Facebook with my wife.  I knew what this weather pattern could produce…but I kept it from her as long as possible because I know her fear was already elevated.

Long story short, everyone was fine and this round was not nearly what it was like in 1965 or 1974.  After it was all over, I was filled with pride.  I was filled with pride because my wife, who typically turns into a terrified child during storms, rose to the occasion for the safety of our kids.  She was prepared…and she was re

ady to face whatever she had to face in order to protect our children.  I don’t think she thought she could do it.  I don’t think she believed in herself to do what was necessary…but I did.  I knew she could.  I knew she could face her biggest fear (next to spiders) and overcome.  And she did magnificently!  And that gives me peace.  It gives me comfort.  And…in her I saw, once again, the love of Christ for her kids.  I am blessed!


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