Thrill Rides

Yesterday my family visited Knott’s Berry Farms for a day of fun.  I grew up going to Cedar Point.  Comparing the two…Knott’s doesn’t even compare to the Point.  However, there is one ride that offers quite a thrill.  It is a short ride…but an exciting one…as you are launched out of the gates reaching 82 mph in 2.3 seconds.  Out of the gate you are shot travel up a top hat element which seems like a 90 degree upshoot and a 90 degree drop.  It is quite a thrill…and it taught me something.

I always thought a good ride had to be long…so I expected this to be…well…lame.  But it was not.  It was the best roller coaster CONCEPT that I have been on.  It was a thrill even though the ride was short…very short.  Maybe we should keep this in mind in the Church.  It does not have to be full of elements to be a good service.  You simply have to do what you do well.


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