The Father in the Storm

If you live in Indiana (or much of the Midwest) you know that we endured some fairly decent storms last night. After putting the kids to bed, we turned on the TV and saw the news telling us of the rough nigh

t ahead.  I knew my sleep would be limited…because every time it storms…Maggie wakes up in utter terror.  It was not long after they went to bed when we heard the cries coming from her room.  When I got there, her face said it all.  Her life was in danger!  She was shaking, crying, and looking at me with eyes that screamed, “Dad…save me!!”

So…like every other night with a storm…she joined us in our bed.  Let me rephrase that…she joined me on my side of the bed.  My daughter loves her daddy and always runs to daddy when she is scared.  I climbed into bed and she rolled herself right beside me, grabbed me with both arms, and held on tight until she fell asleep.

As I laid there thinking about how blessed I feel when she does that…I realized something.  With each crack of thunder (loud thunder) Maggie never  moved. She never flinched.  She never even batted her eyes.  Now…if she was in her room…and the thunder rolled like it was…she would be screaming.  But now, something was different.  She was in her daddy’s arms.

As I laid there thinking about how good it felt to hold her and serve the protecting role for her I realized something else.  That is the role our Heavenly Father plays for us…if we let Him.

Life is inevitable…and with life comes storms.  You will go through them just like I do.  You will endure storms.  Some will be minor, but some will be severe.  We can remain in our beds being paralyzed with fear.  Or…we could take up the offer that is before us.  We could rest in the embrace of our Father.  While this may not make the storm go away…it will give you a peace to endure the storm.

Maggie didn’t care that it was storming.

She was with her daddy…and as far as she was concerned no storm could touch her when her daddy had her.

I don’t know what kindof storms you are facing in your life.  I certainly don’t know what storms you will face in the future.  But I do know this.  When we take the offer that Christ offers us, to get up and abide with Him…to enjoy the embrace of the Father…the storms in our life seem…well…less severe.  And when you do that…then you can rest.

I love serving my role as the daddy who offers protection and care for my children.  The great Truth is…so does God.  Are you letting Him be your Father?  Are you letting Him serve His role?  Food for thought.


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