New Life!

Saving the Johnson County baby bunny at a time.

I feel very blessed…for an odd reason.  We get to watch the process of new life…bunny-rabbit life.  There are a couple rabbits that come up in our backyard regularly.  The other day as I was getting Maggie’s breakfast ready…I noticed them out running around.  I told Maggie to go to the sliding glass door so she could see them.  As we stood there watching…one of them ran right at us (made Maggie a little nervous)…stopped a few feet from the door and started making a nest.

Now we have a rabbit nest just a step outside our slider.  As a guy who grew up in the country…I think this is pretty cool.  But I feel blessed because my kids get to watch all this take place from the kitchen table.  To my knowledge there are no baby bunnies there yet…but there soon will be and then my kids will get to watch baby bunnies run around.

For now…we have created in our own backyard…The Maggie Johnson Wildlife Conservation Area.  Unfortunately, a State Park pass will not get you in…but you can visit the MJWCA for a small fee of one penny (Maggie loves pennies).


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