A Ministry that is Changing the World

This morning I attended the Maple Grove Elementary School’s Bible club.  I went to see the ministry, and get connected with the individuals who take on this great ministry.  I was expecting to see about 10 kids or so.  I mean…it is a Bible club that meets before school.  I had to drag myself out of bed to make it on time…so surely the kids didn’t want to go to this thing.  I was shocked to see over 50 kids there!  I was even more shocked to hear that they normally have around 80 kids there.  That is 10% of the school’s population!  That is awesome!

I also found out that there are many other schools that have taken the program that they have developed and are using it in their own context.  While talking with the leader (who incidentally, is an extremely gifted individual…and has a lot in common with me.  Go figure right?) we determined that in Johnson County, on Wednesday mornings, there are nearly 1,000 kids in Bible club!  I want you to think about this for a moment.  We are not talking about just 1,000 kids.  We are talking about 1,000 families that are being affected.  I think it is safe to say that in one way or another, this ministry is reaching over 3,000 people when we start thinking about parents and siblings.

How does this happen.  Well…I will tell you.  A group of women, who wanted to see the Bible taught in the schools got together and made a decision.  They would work together and become organized around the purpose of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.  It really was that simple.  Instead of competing groups…they created one group.  And in so doing…God let out a great big sigh of relief.  Finally…the people of God are figuring this out.  When we work together to accomplish the greater good and do so in a way that honors God…the sky is the limit.

I think this ministry will continue to grow beyond Johnson County (it already is), beyond the state of Indiana, and possibly into your school system.  One could only hope…and dream!

So…today…I am blessed to have witnessed the church being the church…in an unlikely place:  the schools.


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