It has been nearly 2 months since I last delivered a sermon.  Now, preaching is my favorite part of ministry.  During that 20-30 minutes I am more fulfilled and energized than any other time of the week.  Oddly enough, I have not been missing it lately.  That is probably because my focus has been on so many other areas of live and ministry as we begin the process of planting a new church in Greenwood, IN.

But…as this Sunday approaches, I can feel the pulpit pounding juices beginning to flow. There is just something about it that excites me.  I guess that is because I know…in that short window of time…I am doing the one thing I know I was meant to do.  Standing in front of a crowd of people and delivering the Word of God in the most creative way I know how to…praying that people’s lives are changed…I know that I am pleasing to God.

What is it that you do that gives you 100% confidence that you are doing exactly what God has created you to do?  Where do you find your God-given DNA? Your “God-image” if you will.  Have you found yours?


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