I am not a prayer warrior.  Intercession is not my greatest gift.  I pray…it just is not something that I have mastered.  That is why I am always in awe of and  blessed by those who are.  This morning I attended a prayer gathering.  I will be returning time and time again.  Four people (not including myself) gather around a table on Thursday mornings and sit in chairs that are far too small for the average man to pray.  They are teachers.  They are teachers at the local elementary school who have decided that they will pray.

They know their job is a great undertaking and they don’t want to do it without a relationship with the Father.  But it extends beyond that.  I heard and shared in prayers about children in the school…about families…about opportunities…and even about people who had no connection with the school whatsoever.  I saw the Church this morning in all its glory.  What a great day it has been already.

Incidentally…this elementary school is the one that my kids will attend and today I received great comfort knowing that the Holy Spirit was being welcomed and invoked in that place.  Praise God!


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