What I Feel or What I Know…

So…my family is now moved into our new home in Greenwood (sort of).  As we get our feet on the ground and get settled in, the awesome reality of planting a new church begins to sink in.  There is no more thinking about what we will do.  There is no more preparing to get started.  And…there is no more waiting until we begin.  It is time.  It is time to hit the town.  It is time to make connections.  It is time to begin the process of launching a new, vibrant, and passionate church that reaches new people for Christ.

As I stand on the brink of kicking this bad-boy off I am overwhelmed by feelings of inadequacy.  I feel less than knowledgeable about what I am doing.  I just simply don’t think I know what I need to know.  I feel as though my gifts lend themselves more toward washing windows (if that) than they do at starting a new congregation.  I feel as though I am far from one who can lead like I must.

The questions run through my head.  Who is going to jump on board with someone like me?  And if they do, how am I going to lead them?  How can I use my little tiny gifts for such a mighty task for God’s Kingdom?  How in the world will ever live up to the awesome task that God has before me?

I continually realize the feelings of inadequacy and lack of preparation that I have.  And as I sit and sift through all the things I feel…I am reminded of the one thing I know.  And this is what I know:  Jesus Christ will do amazing thing through me…if I let Him.

You see…the problem is that I, like many people, tend to think I have to do it on my own.  I think that this whole church plant is up to me, my gifts, and my abilities.  The reality is…I cannot do this alone.  Christ is doing this thing.  He is going to do this through me.  It has nothing to do with my level of competence…but everything to do with Christ’s competence.  That gives me comfort.  That gives me great peace…knowing that the success of this plant does not rest on my abilities.  Success rests on Christ’s amazing power through me.

Christ is more than sufficient.  Christ is more than adequate.  Christ will rock Greenwood and the surrounding communities with His unending grace.  My role?  The biggest role I have?  Well…open myself up and allow Christ to use me to reach those He has called me to reach.  That is the beginning of success.  So today…I vow to place my confidence…not in what I feel…but in what I know.  And I know that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


One thought on “What I Feel or What I Know…

  1. Whoo, whoo, whoo!!! That’s supposed to be a cheer!! Yea, team.
    God WILL use you well, as long as you keep listening, leaning, risking for the sake of those He loves.
    Paula Gast

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