Transition Thoughts

I sit at a retreat for those of us who are in the ordination process in the Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church.  As I sit here…it hits me:  We are experiencing a huge amount of transition.  I am being ordained this year (hopefully)…we are moving to a new location this year…and…we are entering into an entirely new form of ministry.  Here are just a couple of new thoughts about transition:

1 – I love transition!  I thrive on it!  My wife…however…does not.  And…that is okay.  In fact, it is more than okay.  I need someone to balance me in this area.  I love my wife for that.  I love that she balances me in the area of change.

2 – Transition is needed.  It is needed to rejuvenate my would.  It is needed to test our faith.  It is needed to make us new.

3 – Interestingly enough…transition is needed in the Church (especially the United Methodist Church) for the same reasons it is needed in #2.

4 – Transition is not meant to be handled alone.  Others (although not necessarily experiencing the transition themselves) will walk that journey with you.  They are jumping at the opportunity to support you in transition.  You just need to ask.


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