A Ministry Change!

It is official!  After months of prayer…Melissa and I have accepted a new appointment to plant a church in Greenwood, IN.  We hope to be on the ground in Greenwood in mid-February gathering our launch team and beginning the process of launching a dynamic, Spirit-filled, God-encountering community.  I will have more information and thoughts in the coming days/weeks about this radical transition in our lives…but here are just a few preliminary thoughts.

1 – I am excited like you wouldn’t believe.

2 – I am freaking out!

3 – I find that excitement and terror is a good response to God’s call on our lives.

4 – I have shed many tears and acquired many…ummm…”discolored” hairs over the past week in this process of saying goodbye to such a wonderful congregation at Mt Etna.

5 – If God is calling me out of Mt Etna…He is calling someone else in.  And that is exciting for them!

6 – This is a quick transition…not only for me…but for Mt Etna.  PRAY FOR THEM IN THIS!

7 – I am humbled at what God has done…is doing…and continues to do in my family’s life.

8 – God is good…all the time.  All the time…God is good.


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