Hey! Who is that Guy?

We are pumped up at Mt Etna UMC!

So we have been in the midst of this series called “Mighty to Save”.  We have been addressing exactly that:  Jesus is mighty to save.  No matter how bad your life has been…He will save you.  It really is that simple.

Going into this series I had the goal of 5 lives (at Mt Etna…that is 5% of our worshiping attendance) being transformed by the powerful message of Jesus Christ.  It was a great goal…until this guy shows up.

This guy comes in and showed me that my goal wasn’t big enough.  He told me that when we are talking about God…5% is only 5% of what He wants to do. So, He asked me to step aside and let Him do something…and I did.

As a result…on Sunday, 8 people will be being baptized or recommit their faith to Christ.  We are dunking each and every one of them in a big tank of Holy Spirit blessed water.  This eight is only a small part of what this guy has done in our midst.  He continues to change lives…countless lives.

This guy can do it in your church too…if you let Him.  Christ will walk right into your worship space and transform lives! Your goals may be admirable goals…but they are nothing in comparison with what God wants to do.  Invite Him in…and see what He does.  He will blow your mind!!

Check out Janiece’s talk from Sunday on the player to the left!


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