Take a Blog Tour for Advent!

I am participating in an Advent Blog Tour that starts today.  It really is a cool idea and I am excited about what I will learn.  25 days…25 blogs…25 Scripture passages…25 different takes on the Good News!

The tour really serves two purposes.  (1) Most importantly, it prepares you for the celebration of Christmas and the return of Christ.  (2)It also exposes you to a fantastic Bible translation called the Common English Bible (CEB).

I love this translation and cannot wait until the Old Testament is released.  If you are sharing the Good News of Christ and helping people find salvation in our Lord Jesus…I strongly recommend using this text as a gift for them.  it is very readable and easily understood.  Check out the website for the CEB here.

I encourage you to follow the Advent Blog Tour.  The first post was posted this morning, and the second (written by myself) will be posted by 9:00am tomorrow.  It should be a great journey with great contributors including Mike Slaughter, J.R. Daniel Kirk, Tracey Bianchi, and many other great bloggers.


Special to my readers!  Here is a sneak peak at my post tomorrow morning:

You have something in common with John the Baptist.

Yeah…that’s all you get.  You’ll have to check back tomorrow.


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