The Art of “Bad” Sex

Have you ever taken the time to consider whether or not the sex you are having is good or bad?  Have you ever really just sat back, reflected a little, and pondered whether or not you are mastering the art of “bad” sex?

Dave was a handsome young man.  He was very successful in his business ventures and everyone admired and respected Dave.  Over time, he began to buy into his own hype.  Although he knew he shouldn’t, Dave began to think a lot about a beautiful young lady that he ran into one day.  He happened to see her at a time in which she didn’t expect to be seen, and let’s just say, he saw more than enough to peek his interest.

He thought about her often.  Soon, the thoughts gave way to desire and the desire gave way to action.  Before Dave could take the time to think about his actions, he managed to manipulate his way into having sex with this young lady.

I don’t know how pleasurable the sex was.  But I do know that it was “bad” sex.  You see Dave (commonly referred to as King David) knew that Bathsheba was a married woman.  But, he had relations with her anyway.

And, as a result, she got knocked up.  David, being fearful now, tried to deceive her husband so that he would think it was his own.  Unfortunately, for David anyway, that did not work.  So, David had her husband killed and he took Bathsheba for himself.

Are you kidding me?  Talk about some “bad” sex!  Obviously I don’t mean bad

in the sense of non-pleasurable.  I mean bad in the sense of wrong and evil in the eyes of God.

1 Samuel 11:27 says: But the thing that David had done displeased the Lord.

Well of course it did!  He basically had a man murdered.  But that was all because his deception failed.  Of course, he only tried to deceive because he

got this guys wife knocked up.  And you know…he got her pregnant because he lusted after her.  So…we could say that the Lord was displeased with David because David lusted.

Okay…now it hits a little too close to home.  And it makes us think a little bit.  Is the Lord displeased with me?  I mean, I lust.  I say it is because I am a

guy…but the reality is…I lust because I am a sinful person.  I lust because I am fallen.

David was no different.  The difference is that David allowed it to spiral out of control into a myriad of other sins.  David mastered the art of “bad” sex.  Bad

sex is the sex that is for the wrong reasons.  It is sex that is birthed out of lust rather than a love and compassion for your spouse.  Bad sex is a sex that will lead you down a path of sin leaving you lost and alone.  Bad sex, very simply, is a sex that is displeasing to God.

Are you practicing the art of “bad” sex?  Are your relations pleasing to Him?


Even in the union of marriage, many of us are practicing the art of “bad” sex. You don’t have to look any further than the pornography statistics to know


that our approach to sex (in general) seems to be fueled out of lust rather than a love and compassion for our spouses.

For instance in 2006 in the average second: $3,075.64 was spent on pornography, 28,258 internet users were viewing pornography, 372 users were typ

ing adult search terms into internet search engines.  Also, every 39 minutes another

pornographic video was being recorded.

We have a rise in the art of “bad” sex because there has been a rise in the art of lust.

How is your sex?


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