Getting to the Core!

Last night at our Chasing God Bible study, we had some great conversation about who we are…and who we are created to be.  What the conversation was centered around was whether or not we have to learn to love our enemy or if we are born with that great ability that we see in David’s story (2 Samuel 1).

When we look back through the looking-glass of time we see that in the beginning we were created in the image of God.  Do you know what that image looks like?  Do you understand the perfection in which the image of God comes?  The image of God can be nothing but perfect.  The image of God cannot help but love our enemies.

The problem that we have in seeing this in ourselves is that we live in a world that has created layers and layers of muck…and filth…and sin that keeps us from living into the holiness that we were created to be.  But, if we were able to chip away at all those false layers of our identity then we would eventually find our core self.  Our core self is the person that God created us to be and desires us to be.

Through the power of Christ in our lives, we can begin to chip away at all those layers and get closer and closer to that core self.  Will we ever make it to our core self?  I don’t know.  Why don’t we try and see what happens?  Invite Christ to help you chip away to find the treasure buried deep beneath the fallen nature of this world.


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