Relevant Rambles

Yesterday I was blessed to spend a few great hours with colleagues discussing relevance.  Relevance.  It is one of those terms that is so important for us as church leaders to think about, but…at the same time…it is frightening because many of us know that we are not all that relevant.  There is a reason that the Church is dying…and it ain’t because we are TOO relevant.

So…what can we do as churches, church leaders, and members of a local church?  How can we ensure that our churches are relevant and appeal to the world today?  Here are some of my thoughts…

1 – Christian music is great…but you know who listens to Christian music?  Christians do.  Do you know who doesn’t listen to Christian music?  The people you are trying to reach do.  Maybe we should all spend a little more time listening to secular music to stay in touch with the world around us.

2 – I have said it once…and I will say it again:  The average person does not know what sanctification, eschatology, transubstantiation, and subordinationism is (nor do they care).  Stop using big-dollar words and start using words that people know and understand.

3 – Furthermore…many people around you don’t know what words like redemption, salvation, or forgiveness mean.  Teach them!

4 – People want to be entertained.  Entertain them!  I am not saying you need to entertain them at the expense of the message.  But if you do not deliver the message in a way that entertains…then you have lost an entire generation…or two…or three.

5 – Have fun.  Each and every day of the week, many people sitting in your pews go to jobs they do not like, deal with stress they do not want, and fight for everything they have.  When Sunday rolls around…lighten up!  We are deliverers of a great and joyous message!  Act like it!

Here is to a future where the Church is relevant…and because it is relevant…the Church transforms the world.


3 thoughts on “Relevant Rambles

  1. I would add to this with a big shout of LOVE PEOPLE! Love them and delight in them and find them funny and brilliant and beautify and precious exactly as they are, wherever they are. Not only is it infectious and addictive, but it is a concrete demonstration of God’s own priorities and the two greatest commandments. If you want to be relevant, offer people what they need. Lots of people have no idea that they need salvation, but nearly all of us would be perfectly happy to be loved and appreciated a little bit more. 😉

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