Chasing God!

I am excited!  Tomorrow night we begin our 4-week Chasing God study.  In this study we will be looking at the “man after God’s own heart”, King David, and discover how we can apply his stories to our own lives to become God Chasers.  It is a completely different approach than anything I have done before.  There will be three forms of learning taking place.

1. I will be telling the stories of David (kind of like little baby sermons).  However, I will not be going very far into application.

2. Participants will be sitting at different tables and each table will have a chance to discuss the stories and talk about how they apply to our lives.

3. There will be total group discussion as all tables will come together and share what they see in the stories.

I am excited…not about what I am going to teach…but about what the great people at Mt Etna UMC will teach me!  I am sure that we will discover some amazing ways that we can become God Chasers and become men and women after God’s own heart.

If you are in the Mt Etna area come and be a part of this exciting study.  The free meal begins at 6:30pm and the study will start at 7:00pm.


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