My Life Is Better Than Yours…

My life is better than yours.  It really is that simple.  There is no other way to put it.  My life is simply better than yours could possibly be.

Now…this may offend you, upset you, or even infuriate you.  But…the facts are the facts.  My life is better than yours.

Of course, this is purely subjective.  And to measure such a thing in an objective fashion is next to impossible.  I mean, what makes one person’s life better than the next?  Is it money?  Not a chance.  How about success?  I highly doubt it.  Maybe it is having the most beautiful spouse?  I don’t think so (but just in case…I win!).

I received a voicemail while on a retreat this past week from my much…much…much better half.  She said, very simply…”I just wanted to call to say I love you and that I am so blessed to have you.”  That was it!  No explanation.  No elaboration.  Nothing.  I was as shocked as those of you who know me may be to hear such a thing.  She is blessed to have me (so says she).

When I arrived home, I had to inquire as to this out of the blue showering of praise, adoration, and complete devotion to me (notice how my ego blows it out of proportion?).  She told me she was laying in bed that night and just thinking that no matter the headaches, the rough times, and the stress that we have in our life, she is just simply blessed.

And…there you have it.  The answer to our question.  What makes one person’s life better than another’s?  Blessing! I have been blessed with an amazing wife that rocks my world to its core.  I have two wonderful kids who make me smile…even when I am at my lowest.  I could go on and on about the many blessings that God has showered me with.  But it is all to say that my life is better than yours……to me.

Can you say the same? You should.  You should believe that your life is better than mine.  Because the reality is…for you…it is.  God has showered you with countless blessings that were intended just for you.  Handcrafted miracle masterpieces made by God and delivered into your life.  Isn’t that amazing?  Look around at the blessings He has given you!  Seriously…just look around!

Now that you have done that…aren’t you comfortable and confident in saying…”My life is better than yours”?  It is not something that can be measured objectively.  But, on a personal level…subjectively…you can say with confidence that your life is better than mine because God has handcrafted His blessings for you.  And handcrafted blessings from God designed for you…are better for you than anything He has given me.

Imagine if we all saw this great Truth.  That the life God has given us is better for us than the life God has given any other person.  Imagine the change in the world that would come of it.  Imagine if we stopped looking at what goes wrong in our life…and started looking at all the great things God has given us.  My wife reminded me of this this week…and I will keep that voice message as long as I possibly can.

Look around at all the blessings He has given you.  Take note of all the people that He has blessed you with.  Have you told them what a blessing they are to you?


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