Lessons for the Church…

Over the past few days…I have been thinking a lot about the Church and what the Church needs to do in order to move beyond decline and stagnation.  Below are just a few of my thoughts…unprocessed…undeveloped.  Just raw…original thoughts from a man who wants to see the Church thrive:

1 – Being too open-minded leads to being close-minded.

2 – If the Church does not speak up and stand for what it believes in…then no one will hear us.

3 – Scripture is inspired…even the parts that make you uncomfortable.

4 – When Jesus said, “Love your neighbor”…He was not saying, “Accept all people regardless of what they do…without correction.”

5 – It is okay for the Church to NOT tote society’s lines.  Jesus did it religiously (see what I did there?)

6 – “Jesus Christ is the only way”…is not a statement of hostility or intolerance toward others…rather a statement of love.

7 – Sermons that do not offer Christ…are just speeches.

8 – Decide what the essentials are (there is more than one).

9 – People are not coming to Church because we fail to go to them.

10 – To reach those the Church has never reached…means the Church must do what the Church has never done.

What do you think?  What does the Church need to learn?


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